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February 25, 2013


The Rev. David L. Hyndman

As the pastor of St. Augustine's I thank you for your kind and instructive comments about the church. The small but active congregation has been shaped by the love of its worship space and takes that love into the community as service and care.

Mrs.Elon DeBois

Thank you for writing a historically accurate piece on St. Augustine's.It is a terrific story.

Paula M. DeBois

Paige ,thank you for this wonderful piece on St. Augustine's. Well told!!

Matt Seymour

A great write-up for a great building.

For all of you Indiana architecture fans, Edward Dart also designed part of the St. Luke's United Methodist Church complex in Indianapolis (100 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN) and the Presbyterian Church of La Porte (307 Kingsbury Ave, La Porte, IN).

Dr. Darryl Padgett

I have been a part of this church for a little over a year. Even though the membership is small in numbers, the tasks that the members take on are large in scope. The church is rich in tradition and the services nourish the body and soul. I have visited many beautiful churches throughout my lifetime, but St. Augustine’s architecture is absolutely beautifully designed. St. Augustine’s architecture stands strong and its architecture is still just as impressive today as it was when it was designed, decades ago.

Elmyra  Powell

I will be 70 years old this year. I was raised at St Augustine, mostly in the original church, and over 20 years ago, I became a Quaker. But it was in my Episcopalian childhood at St Augustine that I first experienced the quiet stirrings of the Holy Spirit. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Andre Harris

I'm new here and what I have notice is the very humble nature of the people here. I love to visit and I find myself looking forward to early Sunday mornings. Blessing.

Angela L.Smith-Davis

Our family have been members of St Augustine's ever since I can remember. Even after all these years I appreciate the passion and commitment our parishoners demonstrate to their faith,the church and the community. I have always been in awe of the building's design. The design itself seems to inspire and encourage spiritual growth.

Paula Page Avila

There is much to be said for St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, not only because it is a beautiful place of worship and fellowship, but also a truly unique and amazing architectural piece of art work. Growing up in St. Augustine’s, I can still smell the sweetness of frankincense and myrrh upon entering the sanctuary on Sunday morning. One is immediately filled with a sense of peace and reverence. I am humbly blessed and grateful for the foundation of faith that was laid for me in this place. From the sweeping curved redwood beams to the huge pipe organ in the loft, it is still as breath taking now as it was many years ago. The founders, one of whom was my grandmother Anna Washington, would be truly be proud of it’s pristine preservation to date, and how it has been well loved by it’s parishioners and leaders throughout the years. Although I have traveled and visited many churches in the United States, St. Augustine’s remains the ultimate beauty, with it’s stained glass windows and communion alter that beckons to all who enter it’s doors, providing a place of peace, warmth, quiet contemplation, fellowship, familial bonding, sanctity and prayer. Thanks to the founders and the architects Mr. Dart and member/architect Richard Johnson, who designed, laid the foundation and built this awesomely inspiring piece of artwork that has become so much more to so many. And a special thank you to Paula M. DeBois for bringing attention to a church that truly deserves to have it’s mark forever remembered in the National Registry.

Dolly Harris

Thank you for a wonderful article on St.Augustine. It is a beautiful church and has faithful members.

Sharon Tyler

As a newer parishoner of our church, I am proud of the the history that this church has and the faithfulness of our members. We truely are blessed to have Paula and her passion for our parish. Thank you for all of your hard work Paula.

John Littman


I admire and appreciate the attention to detail you lend in sharing the treasure that is St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church. I look forward to be educated and inspired by the work you are doing.

Gina V. Shropshire

I grew up in St. Augustine's and I have never grown tired of the beauty of our church. Thank you to Paula for letting the rest of the world know what an outstanding structure and congregation exists in Gary, Indiana.

Anthony G. (Tony) Dunn

I was a member of St. Augustine's from 1954 to 1968, and, at the time, I was the youngest Acolyte to serve.

In the summer of 1985, my oldest son, Anthony William Dunn, was baptized there.

In 2004, a Mass of Resurrection was held there, in memory of my mother, the late Rose Dunlap Dunn, a fellow Cincinnatian of Mrs. Charlotte Shropshire, and the late Quentin Paige Smith, Sr. served as the lone Acolyte.

Anthony G. (Tony) Dunn

I was a member of St. Augustine's from 1954 to 1968, and, at the time, I was the youngest Acolyte to serve.

In the summer of 1985, my oldest son, Anthony William Dunn, was baptized there.

In 2004, a Mass of Resurrection was held there, in memory of my mother, the late Rose Dunlap Dunn, a fellow Cincinnatian of Altar guild member, Mrs. Charlotte Strowhorn, and the late Quentin Paige Smith, Sr. served as the lone Acolyte.

Peace & blessings,

Anthony G. (Tony) Dunn

Anthony G. (Tony) Dunn

St. Augustine's Episcopal Church, Gary
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) (Redirected from St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Gary,Indiana)

St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Gary, Indiana is a historic congregation and building in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.

Designed by renowned Modernist architect Edward D. Dart (Water Tower Place) in 1958, the architecturally significant church garnered two architectural awards.

The historically Black parish was chartered in 1927, by thirty congregants as a Colored Episcopal Mission. St. Augustine's original home was at 19th. Avenue and Adams Street, in Gary's Midtown section.

Benedictine monks of St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers, Michigan, were assigned to the struggling mission, by Bishop Campbell Gray, from 1938- 1946. It was in 1951, that Father Wallace L. Wells, spouse of Henrietta Bell Wells (Wiley College Debate Team) and newly-ordained, took over the leadership at St. Augustine's.

Under his rectorship, a building program was initiated, resulting in the award winning, current home. Advancement to parish status occurred in 1961.

St. Augustine's is located at 19th Avenue and Ellsworth Street, in the westside, Tolleston section of Gary, Indiana.

William Mott Jr.

I have always been inspired by the internal and external architectural beauty of my childhood church!!! To boot, I have been imbued with the knowledge over the years that the ultimate blessing of this church has consistently been the unparalled beauty of the countless families within its structure that have faithfully served the Lord and the community at large!!!May you as a church family continue your good work and may God's hand guide all that you do!!! Special thanks to you Paula!!! You make us proud. The continued best, William Mott Jr.

Dorothy Lawshe

March 5, 2013

Thank You, Paula for all of the work you are doing to keep our beautiful St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in publications for all to see.The Church should be recognized as a historical landmark. The unique roof of St. Augustine’s has always reminded me of “Praying Hands” and the sanctuary as a warm and peaceful place. Your article brought back many fond memories. May God bless you for your dedication.
Dorothy Lawshe

Jan Monique Lawshe

This article is such a wonderful reminder of many good times at St. Augustine’s and also an education on the beginnings of the church. I had no idea about the architect selected and I think it is marvelous that the church is being considered for the Nat’l Registry! Kudos to Paula D. for spearheading this effort and remaining “faithful”!

Henry James

St. Augustine's is truly a gem, a beautiful structure and a place which arouses beautiful memories of loving and caring people. Nice to learn more of its beginnings and history.

Ed Little

Many thanks for featuring St. Augustine’s and Paula DeBois’ work on its behalf. The building is stunning. From a distance, the upswept roof looks like hands raised in prayer, and inside the worship space is warm and engaging. It is a blessing to sing God’s praises with the people of St. Augustine’s, a congregation as warm and engaging as the beautiful building in which they worship.

Tracey L

Awesome work letting folks know about our hidden gem! It's a place which holds many memories for my family & the hard working folks of Gary

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